Our Battery Back-up systems

The following is only battery backup systems for clients. (No Solar Panels connected)

First one was for done for a gentleman called Len.

The next one was for a gentleman called Francois, its for his office and its supply plug into a normal 15 amp socket. The output then goes to the loads.

The next one was for a gentleman called Pieter…

And this one was done for a gentleman named Vis

The next installation also in Capetown was also done as a battery backup only. We used a 3kva Multiplus and the client supplied his own batteries.

In January 2021 we did this Battery backup system for a client outside Phalaborwa. We used a 5KVA victron easy solar because the client wants to add panels in the future. He opted for 14kwh Pylontech batteries.

In February we did this battery backup in the mountains outside Tzaneen. Small but very effective.

Also in February we did this 5kva Victron with 14kwh Pylontechs in Johannesburg. Spaces to the right of the inverter is to add a MPPT for panels at a later stage.