Systems we have moved or fixed

Sometimes a client will ask us to move or tidy up and old system. Here is some of them.

First we had to fix this installation.

This installation we have moved from an outside wall to inside the house. The client has ordered the battery cabinet and will install it when it arrives.

The following installation was done in JHB, we completed a partially done installation and added panels to it.

For the next client also in Pinelands Capetown, we just moved some panels from a home made frame to his roof.

Keith in Kayalami asked us to replace a 3 phase Infinisolar (Mecer Rebranded) unit with 3 x 5kva Victrons. There is 9900whp on the roof… I am aware that the battery capacity is too little for the inverters, but that part was installed by the previous installer. Should the client choose to, we will upgrade the bank to minimum requirements.

In March 2021 we replaced this Axpert with a Victron. The wall needs some repair but the Pictures shows the change. The AC ad Dc were installed in the same trucking, we also split that out and ran it in different trunkings.